Never trust a narcissist – oops I mean psychopath

Two different breeds of PD’s. Be careful not to lump them together because it will confuse the new members. Some are with a raging narcissist and if he does not exhibit symptoms of a Psychopath then they may think he is not a narc and go back for somemore abuse. Psychopaths all have narcissistic traits however a Psychopath and his vile destruction go way beyond what a straight narc would do, unless of course he is a narcissitic addict and that destruction can be far more damaging than a narcissist with no addiction issues, although many of them do have addictions, not all of them do. The one’s who don’t are addicted to themselves so techniquely they are all addicts, lol. Narcs care only about themselves, you are simply supply to them. Psychopaths appear to derive some type of pleasure or satifsfaction over destroying your life. Narc just don’t care if your life gets destroyed by their actions, if does or not; no biggie. You screwed it up yourself as far as they were concerned, you should have been taking care of yourself, after all this is what they would have done were the situations reversed. No confusion there for them

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