What if I am unable to attend court

Firstly, we would advise that you seek the consent of other parties to the case in relation to the proposed adjournment. If the consent of other parties is obtained, this will support the application to adjourn the hearing. 

Next, we would advise to contact the court at which the proceedings are held and informally request that the adjournment be made. 

However, generally it is the case that the court require that a C2 form be submitted to formally request an adjournment. This C2 form would need to be submitted in conjunction with documentation from the other parties which establish consent (where given). 

The decision to postpone a court hearing is solely at the discretion of the Judge. The courts are encouraged to deal with cases swiftly and efficiently as delay can have a detrimental impact on all parties and, in particular, any children that may be involved in the proceedings. 

If the other parties have not given consent to the adjournment, the court will ascertain their views so as to ensure that no one is disadvantaged by the courts decision. 

Factors which will be considered by the Judge in deciding whether to postpone will include:

  • What are the reasons given for adjourning the hearing. 


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