Court timetable

Working Day 1: Paperwork received. Court office checks whether the revised form C100 has been completed correctly. The application will not be issued unless the form has been completed correctly.


Working Day 3: Case considered by Gatekeeping team. Case allocated by Gatekeepers in accordance with the President’s Guidance on allocation and the Family Court (Composition and Distribution) Rules 2014. The Gatekeeper(s) undertaking allocation to check whether form C100 has been completed. If there has been no MIAM, and there are reasons to believe that the applicant should have attended a MIAM, the Gatekeeping judge can direct that a MIAM should take place before the FHDRA.


By Working Day 3 (2 working days after the date of issue): The court shall send to Cafcass / CAFCASS Cymru a copy of the Form C100 (and the Form C1A, if supplied), and the C6 Notice of Hearing. This will be in electronic format where possible.


On receipt of the Acknowledgement Form C7 and any Form C1A filed by the respondent(s), the court shall send a copy of each form to Cafcass / CAFCASS Cymru, in electronic format where possible, and shall send copies to the applicant.


17 working days from the date of its receipt of the application Cafcass/CAFCASS Cymru will provide the safeguarding letter / report to the Court (20 working days in the area of CAFCASS Cymru).


Week 5 (or latest, week 6): Case listed for FHDRA (before week 5 if requirements of notice have been abridged).


Thereafter, case may be listed for fact-finding hearing, DRA &/or final hearing.

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