A Judge’s Poignant Description of Parental Alienation

“You are causing such a huge problem because your children are being encouraged to hate their mom and to believe that their mom doesn’t love them and their mom doesn’t trust them, their mom doesn’t respect them, and that their mother doesn’t have their best interest at heart. That’s not being a united front …What in the world are you thinking?

“I guarantee if you want to see your children fail, keep doing what you’re doing. If you want to see them succeed, set aside the anger and become the united front no matter how angry you may be.

“I’ll tell you this right now. I have cut off custody for a person who’s been engaging in parental alienation, with the primary form of parental alienation being involving the children in the custody and visitation dispute. I’ve cut it off completely; one [case] was with the mom and one was with the dad—until they went to counseling and I was assured that they understood how very harmful it is to children to do that.

“What I see [in you] is a man who loves his children to the nth degree and would do anything for his children, [but] who is very likely to lose his children altogether if he continues with this behavior. I don’t want to see this happen to you [or] to these children. I think it would be an incredible loss to your kids.”


Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

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