Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. The therapeutic value that is derived from getting this off my chest and sharing it. A very close friend once told me that “a problem shared is a problem halved”.
  2. As I went through this experience, I found very little information available on the internet. I hope this blog will create a forum for others who have similar experiences to share, and together we will become stronger and get through such difficult times.
  3. To create a permanent record of exactly what transpired so that one day my children will realize that I did not “divorce” them (as my mother likes to say) and that their emotional well-being has been, and continues to be most important to me.
  4. To create a record wherein every statement has supporting documents, proven to be “the truth” (primarily emails, photos, letters, etc.…) that prevent others from denying, changing the narrative, lying or attempting to hide from taking responsibility for what transpired. As you can imagine, it is impossible to have everything documented for this purpose. The data contained in this document represents less than 10% of the total, however, it is sufficient enough to enable the reader to get a very clear picture and insight into what was going on.
  5. To establish a well-documented “undisputed” record which can establish the foundation for any complaint or litigation that may ensue.
  6. And finally, I am hopeful that someone can suggest a reasonable “way forward”, a way in which I may once again have a meaningful relationship with my mother…. my best friend.

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