Once a Narcissist Always a Narcissist?

Dr. Craig Malkin is a psychologist and Harvard Medical School lecturer who wrote the critically acclaimed book Rethinking Narcissism.

He believes that this new research, along with previous studies (including in The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease and the Journal of Personality) “support the idea that narcissists can change.”

“Anyone can change if (and that’s not just a big, but a crucial, if) they want to,” Dr. Malkin tells Talkspace.

“I’ve seen dramatic changes from clients with NPD who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do deep emotional work, to learn to build mutually caring, connected, trusting relationships.”

Dr. Malkin does point out, however, that there is one crucial caveat. “Some people with NPD are abusive. They have to end their abusive behaviors with the people who love them. That’s 100% their responsibility and relationships can’t heal at all until they end their abuse. That’s the first and most important change.”

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