Emotion plays a significant role in our daily lives. Our life is colorful through emotion (Dixon et al., 2017). However, the negative emotion has a bad effect on our life. The more we let our negative thoughts occupy our mind without interruption, the more interconnected they will become. Emotional disorders have become a huge threat to human mental health. It includes major depressive disorder (MMD), anxiety disorder (hypochondriasis), and other affective disorders, and patients’ symptoms usually occur during emotional fluctuation or in calm state (English et al., 2012). MDD is a common disorder which can be disabling. About two-thirds of MMD patients do not receive adequate treatment in drug therapy and psychological interventions, and only a few of them get symptom relief (Young et al., 2018). These emotional disorders may affect people’s work efficiency, causing them to live with the pain and induce disharmony with society. How we regulate our emotions matters: Our well-being is inextricably linked to our emotions. Emotion regulation is a crucial skill associated with well-being and mental health in general.


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