Undoing a dysfunctional parent’s hold on you.

  • A trauma bond is the type of emotional attachment that forms between abusers and victims, such as narcissistic parents and children.
  • Trauma bonds are forged over time as a narcissistic parent trains a child to respond in particular ways to feed their ego and narcissistic needs.
  • Untangling oneself from a trauma bond with a narcissist can be difficult, so it is essential to engage in self-healing during the process.

Unfortunately, many true narcissists do not have the self-awareness necessary to recognize that their behavior doesn’t fit with normal expectations regarding behavior exhibited by fully functioning adults. They have developed the traits associated with narcissism over many years and when others in their orbit didn’t play by the narcissist’s rules, they replaced them with someone who would be a better sidekick. Thus, their behaviors have been reinforced through their relationships rather than extinguished.


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