Why Do Pathological Narcissists Stalk Their Exes?

Stalkers often exhibit narcissistic behavior — a tendency to control everyone in their lives, and particularly their victims. The behavior can even go on for years.

Do you think it is possible for someone to stalk you for 18 years? One Reddit user has had this particular problem. She described the situation where her ex went from being totally fine when he was in contact with her to becoming completely unstable and vengeful once she cut him off. He has been calling, texting, and showing up at her place of work consistently for almost 18 years.

The disturbing fact? She didn’t even know he was a narcissist until after she ended the relationship.

Narcissism and Stalking — What Is the Connection?

Not every narcissist is a stalker, but the probability of a narcissist becoming a stalker is high. Narcissists don’t handle rejection well because they see it as it’s a type of criticism or even a personal attack. 


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