What Evidence Legal Professionals Should Document for Cloned Facebook Profiles

It can be cumbersome to unmask a fake user. Although Facebook is developing new features such as an alert system to combat profile cloning, the best advice to give clients before they accept friend requests is to double check they’re not already friends with the person who they receive a request from.

However, if the damage has already been done, it’s important for any legal professional conducting social media content collection related to profile cloning to document as much evidence as early as possible. This should include:

  • A capture of the real profile and the cloned profile to help compare similarities.
  • The “friends” lists of both profiles to help identify the identities of other victims involved in the scam.
  • Individual posts, comments, images or videos related to the case that could help support the investigation.

Page Vault provides the tools and services needed to document real or fake Facebook profiles in a way that’s admissible in court. For more tips on how to approach capturing Facebook pages, profiles and posts, check out 4 Ways to Conduct an Effective Social Media Investigation on Facebook.


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