Forensic Psychologist D. C. Rand,

As noted by Forensic Psychologist D. C. Rand,

Modern Medeas do not want to kill their children, but they do want revenge on their former wives or husbands – and they exact it by destroying the relationship between the other parent and the child. . . . The Medea syndrome has its beginnings in the failing marriage and separation, when parents sometimes lose sight of the fact that their children have separate needs [and] begin to think of the child as being an extension of the self. . . . A child may be used as an agent of revenge against the other parent . . . or the anger can lead to child – stealing. n3

n3 Deirdre Conway Rand, Ph.D., The Spectrum of Parental Alienation Syndrome (Part 1), 15 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY (1997), quoting JUDITH WALLERSTEIN & SANDRA BLAKESLEE, SECOND CHANCES (1989), at, at 4.

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