Disregard for others

People with antisocial personality disorder may express their disregard for others and for the law by destroying property, harassing others, or stealing. They may deceive, exploit, con, or manipulate people to get what they want—whether it be money, power, sex, or personal gratification. They may use an alias to accomplish their goals.

People with this disorder do not often feel remorse or guilt for what they have done. They may rationalize their actions by blaming those they hurt (for example, by thinking they deserved it) or the way life is (for example, by thinking that it is unfair). They are determined not to be pushed around and to do what they think is best for themselves at any cost; this attitude may stem from pervasive mistrust of others.

People with antisocial personality disorder lack empathy for others and may be contemptuous of or indifferent to the feelings, rights, and suffering of others.


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