Mobile phone data extraction

“to recognise always that to secure and maintain the respect and approval of the public means also the securing of the willing co- operation of the public in the task of securing observance of laws.”

4 thoughts on “Mobile phone data extraction

  1. A sticking point for me, my phone was seized by the police, and it had several texts on it which would have proved my innocence, but they never mentioned them in their investigation, which simply said to find any evidence that would hack up the allegations.
    I complained to the police as they are meant to be impartial, and they replied that it was for me to inform them about the texts, not for them to look at them.


    1. Hi Mike, the only time Police will use messages as evidence is if it is a serious crime and then they have to get advice from CPS to see if the text is useable in a court of law.
      Thanks for your comments and taking the time to read our Blog. Linda


  2. Thanks Linda, it was a serious crime as I was charged with controlling behaviour, with 82 separate allegations thrown at me, of which I was only questioned about 15 of them in interview, and none of the allegations were verified at all.
    I was accused of not letting her have any money, and forcing her to buy all the food as well, plus accused of disconnecting the home phone so she could not contact anyone.
    On my phone were lots of texts between us re food shopping, which showed I paid for the food and not her, and as for the phone being disconnected, it was done so as it stopped the broadband working, and she texted me several times asking me how to do it!
    I was a police officer at the time as well, and a friend who is a detective sergeant described it as one of the worst investigations he had ever seen, the charge was dropped 3 months later, and I found out eventually that she gambled the housekeeping money away then went to the police and accused me of offences.


    1. Hi Mike, That’s shocking, we don’t appear to be getting any nearer to PA being recognised for what it is “Emotional Abuse” both on the parent and the child. So sorry you have been treated so badly and you have been left with your name smeared. We have to stay strong and healthy despite all the **it that flies around, I am currently supporting 2 clients who are due to court for false allegations. Its good to see that the courts now recognise false allegations, and are no longer gender biased. Good luck with your situation, I hope things improve for you. Regards Linda


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