If you want to protect yourself against psychological attacks from toxic narcissists, then keep reading.

After reading «Dark Psychology Secrets: The Narcissist’s Secret Playbook Of Psychological Warfare» you’ll view the world with different eyes capable to see behind the scenes of a narcissist’s wicked games.With this playbook at hand, narcissists will have a hard time to trick you into getting what they want even if you ‘ve been a simple target over and over again in the past.

author Patrick Lightman reveals in his new book «Dark Psychology Secrets: The Narcissist’s Secret Playbook Of Psychological Warfare» some of the most toxic techniques eagerly used by those who are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want.
In Dark Psychology Secrets you will discover:

  • How to reveal the rotten core of narcissistic personalities on the spot
  • The one emotional weapon narcissists use to make you feel inferior and ashamed
  • The three most toxic personalities which could make your life a living hell
  • Helpful tools to spot and disarm a narcissist
  • Shady mind games to crush your self-esteem… nice and slow 
  • Wicked seduction tricks to disarm and demean you
  • Secret subjugation-techniques to break you down and manipulate your identity

If you want to put an end to emotional abuse and exploitation, 

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