Psychopaths are Deceitful


Psychopaths lie. They lie a lot.

Dr. Galperin states that psychopaths will “make up a story about who they are, […] a completely false identity that they create to hook people.” And they don’t just do it for kicks, they do it to further themselves in some way. Dr. Galperin explains that psychopaths will “put on a show to develop false relationships [in order to] accomplish their higher purpose.”

Online dating may be a quick way to fill up your roster with Saturday night possibilities, but it’s important you stay wary. You never know what online flame may just turn out to be a little more Norman Bates-y than you bargained for.

Think you may be caught in a psychopath’s web of lies? Listen for any signs of discrepancy. If you notice that certain things they say don’t match up with what they’ve told you before, take it as a serious warning. And run for the hills.

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