Are YOU Toxic?

You Like To Dominate Conversations

Your Life Is Like A TV Reality Show

Your Relationships Don’t ever Seem To Last

People Feel Uncomfortable Spending Time With You

You’re Only Nice When It Benefits You

You Have Been Accused of Being Competitive

People Around You Always Ask For More Space

Friends and Family Have Accused You Of Being Jealous

You’re Critical Of Others Because You Think You’re Better Than Them

You Manipulate People To Get What You Want

You Threaten People with Emotional Blackmail to Get Your Way,

You Never Apologise

You Make Bad Innapropriate Jokes To Get A Laugh

You Believe Revenge Is Better Than Peace

You Always Feel Like The Victim

You Only Care About Yourself

You’re Incredibly Manipulative

You Badmouth Other People Behind Their Back

You Have a Short Fuse and can Blow Like a Volcano

You Can Come Across as Cold and Distant to Others.

You Like and Enjoy Belittling Others

You Enjoy Controlling Others

You Feel Good About Making People Feel Ashamed

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