Case Study – How Did Social Media Impact This Case?

How Did Social Media Impact This Case?

Social media was brought into this case initially when a friend of the defendant contacted the police to inform them about the presence of a private message that was allegedly sent to him by the defendant implicating the defendant in a crime. The information provided through the defendant’s social media account was able to be linked to the day and approximate time of the alleged offense. In doing this, the message had direct implications for ascertaining if Mr. Scott had the capability to determine if his behavior was wrong. This message indicated that on a cognitive level, Mr. Scott was aware he could be “going away” for murder. Likewise, previous postings on Mr. Scott’s Facebook page indicated someone who was relatively organized and active in the community with peers.

The defendant in this case, 29-year-old Mr. Charles Mills, was evaluated for approximately three hours in response to a Superior Court Order requesting an independent evaluation of his criminal responsibility at the time of the alleged offenses. He was charged with Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault and Murder after he allegedly robbed a retail store and assaulted and fatally shot the store clerk.

Sources of Information

  1. 1.A clinical interview with Mills 
  2. 2.Mental Status Evaluation 
  3. 3.Results of the Miller Forensic Assessment of Symptoms Test (M-FAST) 
  4. 4.Georgia Bureau of Investigation Records 
  5. 5.Mr. Mills’ Criminal History 
  6. 6.Detention Center Records 
  7. 7.Records from the County Sheriff’s Office 
  8. 8.Mental Health records from a psychiatric hospital and outpatient provider 
  9. 9.Four prior forensic evaluations 
  10. 10.County School District Records 
  11. 11.Review of defendant’s YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Accounts including:
    1. a.6 YouTube videos 
    2. b.2 Facebook accounts 
    3. c.3 Instagram accounts

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