You can still care

However, you can still care about someone who acts inappropriately. As suggested above, you can encourage them to learn more helpful behaviours.

Be careful of investing too much of yourself in their progress, though. If you do, you’ll take on too much responsibility. You’ll be following every up and down in their life, as if you were actually experiencing it yourself. You won’t be able to get on with your own life. Remember, you aren’t responsible for the way others act.

So it’s more helpful to remove yourself from their issues. If appropriate, be an interested observer who listens, and occasionally suggests ideas. 

However, don’t expect your advice to be followed. Accept you’ll be annoyed and disappointed many times, especially if you do get too involved.

Far better to remain a little detached. You’ll be more able to withstand the rocky road they may have to follow. And probably, you’ll be more effective in supporting them in the long-term.

So step back and allow others to take responsibility for their own lives. Trust that they’ll find their best path in the end.

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