What happens if I’m given bail?

What happens if I’m given bail?

If you’re given bail, this means you’ll be allowed to stay in the community while your trial is going on but you’ll have to go to court sometimes.

You may also be given bail conditions such as:

  • living in particular place
  • staying indoors during certain hours of the day or night
  • not having any contact with certain people
  • getting an assessment or treatment for your mental health.

It’s very important to keep to your bail conditions, and to attend court when you have to. If you don’t, the court can take your bail away, and send you to prison on remand.

What will the courts consider when deciding on bail?

This will depend on the court and the type of offence you’re charged with. In general, the court will consider things like:

  • the seriousness of your offence
  • your character and any previous convictions
  • the risk of you running away or causing harm while on bail.


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