Children’s Depression Inventory-2

Depression is a set of symptoms that affect how one feels, thinks, and behaves. Depressive symptoms include, but are not limited to, feeling sad, empty, or hopeless most of time, loss of interest or pleasure, appetite changes, sleep disturbances, excessive guilt, and thoughts of suicide or death. The Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI) is an assessment tool used to measure depressive symptoms in youth (ages 7–17). The CDI is available in a paper and pencil form, online, or in software format and is used in clinical, educational, and research settings. There are four administration types: self-report (28 items), self-report short form (12 items), parent report (17 items), and teacher-report form (12 items). The self-report forms use a 3-point scale of symptoms with one choice reflecting “normalcy” (e.g., “I am sad once in a while”), one choice reflecting moderate symptomology (e.g., “I am sad many times”), and one choice…

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