Narcissists LOVE dating apps! 

BE WARNED: Narcissists LOVE dating apps! Whereas an empath may wilt like a houseplant deprived of water without authentic human connection, a narc will simply jump on multiple apps, quickly master the algorithim, and ambush victim after victim til his/her needs are met, then crudely discard them once they’re bored and/or saited.

Narcs are emotional, sexual, energetic vampires; they may not wear velvet cloaks, be ghostly pale, and suck your blood, but they all have one thing in common: NO empathy. They simply do not care… about anyone.

If you’re an empath, this can be a bitter pill to swallow. Empaths ALWAYS give narcs the benefit of the doubt; always hope that love lurks beneath lust, always believe that redemption is possible, always see the best in everyone, and never give up on the potential of a new connection.

Pretty obvious then why these two often end up together — the empath is simply an easy target.

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