Maladaptive Traits

Maladaptive behaviors like these can become a self-destructive pattern:

  • Avoidance. Avoiding a threat or disengaging from unpleasantness is often the best move, especially for temporary things over which you have no control.
  • Withdrawal.
  • Passive-aggressiveness.
  • Self-harm.
  • Anger.
  • Substance use.
  • Maladaptive daydreaming.

When to see a specialist
Signs that you should seek help include:

  • you’re self-injuring or thinking about it
  • life is spiraling out of control
  • you’re dealing with after-effects of trauma
  • you have a lot of stress or anxiety
  • you have signs of depression
  • your relationships are suffering
  • If you just need someone to help sort out your feelings, or you’re uncertain, you can get a professional assessment.

Those who can address maladaptive behavior include:

  • psychiatrists
  • psychologists
  • social workers
  • therapists
  • addiction counselors
  • family and marriage counselors

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