Through the Eyes of a Survivor

Probably only a victim of a psychopath is able to fully understand this post. Those who have never experienced this kind of addiction will likely see nothing more than words. But these are not hollow words.

This is a perspective of one survivor; the following text describes only my feelings. It is crucial to remember that everyone can have different feelings, and my methods do not have to be effective for everyone. I do not claim that we all feel the same way. I only want to share my experience.

Being addicted to a psychopath was a real nightmare for me. That addiction was no different from the other types of addictions. Today when I remember how I felt in the past I compare it to a heroin addiction because it was very strong and devastating.

The relationship with a psychopathic individual at the beginning was wonderful, perfect, like in a fairytale. He did not leave my side, he was around all the time, and when he was away he was sending me messages or calling me. I felt him in everything. I was surrounded by him all day and all night. I fell asleep thinking about him and I woke up thinking about him. He was waking me up with a text message, we used to spend all of the days together, and when I was falling asleep he was next to me. From the first day I met him, I didn’t have either time nor space for others. He was my entire world. The world was only him and me, the two of us, lovebirds, soul mates, made for each other.

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