Folie a deux

Behaviour of children who have been alienated (brainwashed) are often:

  1. they express the same hostility as does the custodial parent, hence the “folie a deux” analogy;
  2. they identify with and imitate the alienator;
  3. they do not wish to visit or spend time with the absent and alienated parent;
  4. the child’s views of rejecting the absent parent is virtually identical with the programming of the custodial parent;
  5. the children suffer from the same delusions and the irrational beliefs as the alienator in regard to the non resident parent (this occurs because the children have totally identified with the custodial parent);
  6. the children feel themselves to be powerful due to their alliance with the controlling and powerful alienator;
  7. they are not frightened (albeit they claim to be) by the absent parent or the court;
  8. the children have no valid reasons for rejecting the alienated parent, but will often manufacture these reasons, or exaggerate events for the purpose of rejecting alienated parents;
  9. they can see nothing positive or good about the absent parent and even the absent parent’s family, indeed they claim not to be able to remember anything of a positive nature in the form of memories about the absent parent;
  10. they have difficulties in being able to distinguish between what they are told about the absent parent and their own recollections of that parent;
  11. they appear not to feel any sense of guilt about the way they treat the absent parent if and when there is contact;
  12. they appear to be ‘normal’, yet appear also no longer to have a mind of their own being totally obsessed with the custodial parent and his/her implacable hostility towards the absent parent and frequently his/her extended family.

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