What hurling insults reveals about the Verbal Abuser – Flying Monkeys

Insulting remarks are words chosen by a Verbal Abuser to be specifically disrespectful and or scornfully abusive. Verbal Abusers reveal themselves when they bully others. It is the ultimate con to hide their own insecurities by focusing people’s attention on their targets in order to distract them from noticing the flaws of the Social Predator.

People who insult others — especially when the insults are calculated to do maximum damage to anyone who they happen to offend — tend to be compulsively codependent attention seekers of the most juvenile and obnoxious of all human adult forms. The more malignant a person is socially and also dysfunctional neurologically (either by genetics, illness, or trauma) related to processing complex emotions, the more likely they are to use words to hurt rather than to create a safe place for themselves or for anyone else who interacts with them socially.

Even Don Rickles was kept at a distance from most people in his personal life as his particular form of Autism and nurtured, monetized, over the top nearly Histrionic habit of blurting caustic remarks for attention and to control conversations brought so many non-psychopathic others in his world nothing more than a desire to grimace when he spoke to or about them. And he was nice as pie otherwise, according to those who benefited most from enabling him to use his words to insult others who made him feel insecure personally or professionally. 

Source: What hurling insults reveals about the Verbal Abuser – Flying Monkeys

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