Narcissists groom Enablers to emulate Social Predators

Narcissists groom Enablers to abuse targeted victims as efficiently as they groom children and love interests to develop Cognitive Dissonance based Stockholm Syndrome. Sycophants who believe they have a Narcissist under control are likely to find out they were recruited to act like Flying Monkeys without actively knowing they were also becoming Abusers.

A Narcissist lives to control other people; their time, their emotions, and who is in or out of their personal and or professional social circle. When and if a person sucks up to someone Narcy, understanding that there will be a much larger price paid for interacting will be paid for Enabling the Social Predator to have access to social support than what the Enabler is expecting.

Source: Narcissists groom Enablers to emulate Social Predators

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