How to identify Emotional Abuse if you were groomed to enable Social Predators

Ever wonder if you are being too sensitive or controlling because someone who treated you poorly and abused your hospitality said that you were after they harmed you on purpose or knowingly? You are the victim of a gaslighting social predator, one prone to emotionally and socially mistreating other people.

Emotional abuse is common in toxic family units. It’s also common between toxic peers to dish out in the form of outright insulting or the use of caustic humor to humiliate and to ridicule for strictly anti-social, hyperadrenalizing purposes.

Ever been told that you are crazy and imagining someone said or did something abusive or that your reaction to abuse is the problem? That’s emotional abuse regardless of the actual abuse circumstances.

Feeling insulted by someone who is insulting you is never a sign something is wrong with you. Actually, knowing you are being insulted — if and when you actually are — is a sign of social and emotional intelligence… not that you are some sort of moral, intellectual, or medical misfit.

Never measuring up to someone else’s standards. That’s emotional abuse being dished out by a person withholding affectionwithholding approval, or withholding validation in order to keep you acting as if you are their jumping marionette puppet.

Source: How to identify Emotional Abuse if you were groomed to enable Social Predators

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