Help from the Police

Help from the Police

Following the advice of my solicitor, the next time she ‘forgot’ to hand over our son I contacted the police, who turned up on her partner’s doorstep and persuaded her to hand over the child. The next day she, my son, and her new partner all turned up on my doorstep and her partner attempted to make threats. I just slammed the door on him, but I later found out from the police that I would have been within my rights to punch him – something to bear in mind if you’re in this situation. Make sure it’s clearly seen as defensive though and, if possible, that a witness is present.

The first (directions) court hearing passed without any major changes in childcare arrangements. The divorce itself came and went – my ex-wife NOT being able to make a claim on any more of my property, so I kept my house, car and sanity, despite all her threats. She and her new partner split up, she moved into a tiny flat completely unsuited to a two year old.

To get ‘even’ with me she had me arrested for an alleged assault and attempted rape that never happened. After arresting me, locking me in a cell and interrogating me, the police were so convinced nothing had happened they let me go with a great deal of sympathy. In dealing with the police about matters like this it seems absolute honesty and patience are the best options. They have to go through their routines even if they don’t believe anything has happened. Another lesson, never lose your temper when fighting legal battles, try to stay calm, focused and logical.

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