Were You Abused Financially by a Narcissist? You can still keep going!

That’s the victim blame that we’re so used to people that don’t understand how this could happen just assume that we have handed someone our bank account and trusted them with our life but they were preyed upon and the wolf in sheep’s clothing came along they’re smooth talkers and they’re charming they’re a chameleon so they change for you to be what you want and for someone else they’re going to be something completely different and –they give you empty promises of future. Before they financially abuse you, they have convinced you that you are their soul mate and you trust them and in order to trust them you start to share and mingle your finances and it can be as simple as they invite you to lunch and then they don’t have any money instead of playing like you let’s split the bill I don’t have a lot before we get there he could just say you know arrive and I have no money.


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