They are also parasitical and entitled.

I really do believe that narcissistic financial abuse is one of the most excruciating things to try to recover from.

Truly, to add injury to insult, not only are we smashed emotionally and mentally by narcissists, it is also very usual that the losses financially are hefty.

Narcissists are loose and unaccountable they love to sidle up to people who will mop up their messes for them. They are also parasitical and entitled. They believe what is yours is theirs and as soon as the ship in the relationship starts sinking, the narcissist is already thinking about all the cargo they can hoist into their lifeboat – leaving you destitute and sinking behind.

Often in these types of toxic relationships, narcissistic financial abuse is happening even before the cracks appear.

After all, it always was all about them, so why would finances be any different? (Please don’t get confused about altruistic narcissistic being different with this, because they use ‘generosity’ to get narcissistic supply).

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