The vampire sucks blood to survive and discards the corpses.

The narcissist is a False Self, a fictitious character of imagined grandiosity, magnificence and a ‘God like character’ who is above reproach (and all other humans).

There is no ‘real’ human left, because the narcissist deemed his or her inner being as unacceptable, worthless and ineffective to have needs met, hence why the omnipotent character was invented as the replacement.

Tragically for the narcissist this outrageous character created a complete egoic takeover of the disowned, starved, ignored and shrivelled up inner self and is now completely running the show.

Because this fictitious character is not real – it is incredibly fragile, nebular and cracks easily under any pressure. For all its puffed up self-importance, it can’t stand up on its own energy or merits.

Because it has no energy or merits.

The narcissist frantically tries to ensure the survival of the False Self, because it is all the narcissist has, and because it is the only buffer against the inner screams of the black, empty void of the inner self – where there is no longer any functioning person present.

How can the False Self survive?

It needs outside power and energy to survive.

Think of these two examples which are the total metaphors of narcissism – a celestial black hole, and a vampire.

The black hole keeps its existence going by sucking in celestial bodies and devouring them.

The vampire sucks blood to survive and discards the corpses.

Both the black hole and the vampire are really dead. They are non-entities – they aren’t ‘alive’, and they have to keep ‘sucking from life’ in order to keep generating a faux existence.

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