Gaslighters and narcissists may use money as a way to gain power and control.

Signs of Economic Abuse

You may be experiencing economic abuse if your partner does any of the following: 

  • Prohibits you from working
  • Forces you to turn over your paycheck to them
  • Forces you to take an “allowance”
  • Refuses to share financial information with you
  • Takes credit cards out or opens accounts in your name
  •  Forces you to add his or her name on to your accounts or property
  • Sells or gives away your expensive or sentimental items without your knowledge, or as a way to get “even” after an argument
  • Hides your valuable or sentimental possessions
  • Forces you to work for the family business for no pay
  • Forces you to justify any expenses
  • Withholds money from you or your children for your needs
  • Prohibits you from spending your own money
  • Accesses your online accounts without your permission
  • Forces you into prostitution
  • Threatens your employer
  • Forces you to sell your car
  • Takes away any of your cash
  • Tells you that he or she has a right to look through your phone, “because I bought it” 
  • Forces you to steal money
  • Spends your money without your permission
  • Sabotages your job by hiding your keys, deleting files on your laptop, or causing a car malfunction
  • Controls all household expenses
  • Demands that he or she purchases your clothes
  • Uses funds from your children’s savings accounts without consulting with you
  • Ruins your credit
  • Does not include you in financial decision-making
  • Destroys or hides your important financial papers
  • Spends on expensive items without consulting with you
  • Threatens to harm you, your family, or your pets if you do not comply with any of his or her demands

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