Self Destruct Button

One of the most difficult things to witness is to watch your grown child slowly self destruct.

When you have tried to reach them to no avail, tried to communicate to them what they are doing to themselves.

Watching the alienator slowly manipulate their minds until they cant think for themselves anymore. Observing them being discarded when they are no longer able to provide financial and narcissistic supply any more. When the exhausted alienated adult child can no longer function.

At this point the alienator moves on, sometimes down the generational line, grandchildren, younger, someone more manilpulative, someone they can mould into a financial cashcow, someone who will be grateful and feed their narcissitic supply, someone to look after them in their old age!!! YES this is the user and abuser who looks out for themselves. THE ALIENATOR.

Then sadly the damage has been done, the alienated adult child is left with no one but their own confused mind to deal with. They have told so many lies they dont know truth from fiction anymore. They beleive their own lies. With no sense of right or wrong any more, no hope of going back, many lost years.

The only hope for these poor lost souls is that when they hit rock bottom the only way is up. That they see the light and seek help, professional help. That maybe with alot of hard work and determination they can find their way back to normality and reality and learn to love themselves again unconditionally.

Where there is love there is HOPE

Linda – Always by Your Side

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