I am not a Victim

My identity has been out of the victim mindset for some time. I was one once.

But I believe deciding what to do after that happens is paramount.

I have an option to allow a past experience to determine our futures, but I don’t like this option. I choose to forgive what happened in the past, and to own the fact that I possess infinite worth and have right to live just like anyone else.

I now see what I experienced in the past as a blessing –however weird that might sound – because it has given me the ability to share hope and value with a whole lot of people.

One thing I once considered a burden has become something that allows me to help; it also gives me hope and strength. This is life-giving for me. It goes the same for you.  Whatever your story is, it is valuable and it has the power to transform lives.

Linda – Always By Your Side

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