Who is more dangerous: psychopath or sociopath?

Who is more dangerous: psychopath or sociopath?

You may wonder which is worse: a psychopath or sociopath? Well, before we answer this question, we need to define what these two terms are, and figure out the similarities, differences, and traits of both these terms.

Neither of these terms are verified by psychology. With sociopathy, it’s instead defined as antisocial personality disorder. Both are quite similar, in that they’re manipulative. Both can be narcissistic people and have everything on the checklist of narcissistic people. However, there are two main differences between the two.

A sociopath is someone who may have a conscience, but it’s weak. A psychopath, meanwhile, has no conscience at all. Also, sociopaths are much more hot-headed. They can get into fights a lot more and end up being arrested multiple times because of that.

So, it’s hard to say which one is more dangerous. A sociopath may be more dangerous because of their temper, but a psychopath’s disregard for people is equally dangerous.


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