What are the 7 symptoms of a sociopath?

While antisocial personality disorder is complex, there are seven main symptoms you can use to identify a sociopath. These include:

  1. They have no empathy. It’s difficult for them to see from another perspective, especially when they hurt someone. When they do hurt someone, they may not care at all, which could make them a danger. If you’re in a relationship with a sociopath, especially with one who is a narcissist, they may not care about you. Of course, not all narcissists are sociopaths, and if your spouse is a sociopath, this is different to your spouse than a narcissist.
  2. They have a hard time with relationships. Few sociopathic narcissists can improve, and every relationship they have ends up falling apart. This tends to be because they cannot form bonds very well, which means they may just use their partners.
  3. They’re irresponsible and impulsive. A sociopath may forget to perform adult activities such as paying the bills or even doing basic chores. Also, a sociopath may have a difficult time planning things, instead doing it all sporadic. Now, we all have cases where we behave like this, but for a sociopath, it’s all the time.
  4. A sociopath can be a good manipulator. They’re people who will try to manipulate the world for their gain, especially if they’re high-functioning. Not all sociopaths are these smooth-talking, suave people who will seduce you, but many of them are, so watch out.
  5. A sociopath may be aggressive. Not all of them will be people who will fight you with their fists, but instead many may use their words to hurt you. They can be very hostile, especially when they feel like they’ve been hurt in some way.
  6. They can be liars. To them, lying is an easy way to avoid trouble or confrontation. Not all sociopaths’ lies are blatant. Some will stretch the truth a little because they know that it’ll be harder for people to notice.
  7. A sociopath may be very self-destructive, especially if they’re lower functioning. A sociopath is known for drug abuse, gambling, sporadic sex, a life of crime, and any other destructive behavior. To them, it’s a thrill, especially when it involves a law being broken.

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