A campaigner’s to-do list

Eventually I accepted that I was an amateur at campaigning. I’d prefer you not to have to learn the hard way like I have. I’ve learned this from professional campaigners eg here and here. Here’s a checklist with ten elements for effective campaigns for change. Feedback and improvements are always welcome. Please note how basic and boring some of these essential items are. We want changing the world to be simple, more dramatic. But of course it’s hard work.

Check the checklist so your campaign is ready to hit the road. Campaigners in the same field often fall badly out with each other. The checklist here helps compare and contrast what’s needed and missing in various campaigns. So campaigners will be able to team up and pull together in a more effective overall way. The ten points are:

  • Clamour
  • The right audience
  • Policy
  • Strategy for ultimate success
  • Vision and aims
  • Brand
  • Sustainable structures
  • Harmony
  • Evidence-based projects, messaging and rhetoric
  • Media media media

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