What is the Graded Care Profile (GCP)?

The Graded Care Profile (GCP) is an assessment tool which can be used to assist in the assessment of neglect.
The tool will identify strengths and difficulties across a number of child development areas. It is likely to be triggered by concerns about the care the child is receiving. Whilst it may be focused on assessing difficulties, the GCP also identifies strengths. Focusing on strengths assists the assessor to appreciate the potential that exists within the family for change and improvement. This potential will inform decisions about possible support or interventions to meet areas of need.

There are four areas the GCP scores and they are:

• Health – how healthy is the child?
• Safety – how is the child kept safe at home and when outside?
• Responsiveness – how does the parent talk to the child?
• Esteem – how does the parent make the child feel good about themselves

The changes that need to be made will then usually be put into an action plan.


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