Should you try to prove to the court that your co-parent has a personality disorder like narcissism?

This is a REALLY tough one to answer. When the abuse is not physical, a personality disorder like NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) is a hard thing to prove.

Because a narcissist isn’t willingly going to seek therapy for self-improvement (they’re perfect, the problem is everyone else), there likely won’t be an official, clinical diagnosis.

Do, however, keep a sharp attorney, one with experience in dealing with toxic individuals, on speed dial.

The problem with proving narcissistic personality disorder in court is the time, expense, and difficulty to actually prove it. 

The effort will be exhausting and expensive and, in the end, could prove futile. The family court system simply isn’t set up to deal with the sh*t-storm associated with narcissism or other personality disorders, for that matter.

One thought on “Should you try to prove to the court that your co-parent has a personality disorder like narcissism?

  1. The beauty of narcissism is that the narcissist will gladly hand you all of the evidence needed to sink them. My father-in-law is one such person. Over these last few years, since my wife stopped speaking to him, he’s handed us more than enough evidence to nail him for felony harassment. The only reason he isn’t confined to a prison cell is that it would validate him. He needs her scared of him, especially because he knows I am not the slightest bit afraid, and having him arrested will give him that. It’s a sort of Catch-22 for us, but for others it’s a blessing in disguise. Shun the narcissist and they will happily hand you all you need to nuke them from orbit. Understand that gaining freedom from a narcissist requires going to war, and being smarter than your opponent is a huge plus. My wife hasn’t answered a phone call or responded to email or text in more than four years and he’s handed us emails, text messages, and voicemails that are all admissible in court. If one of the parents happens to be a narcissist, allowing them to remain in their child’s life will cause more harm than separation ever could. Save those babies, remove the cancerous tumors from their lives.


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