Parental Alienator Behaviours

Not a full comprehensive list, I am sure many of you could add many more!!

  • Pathological lying
  • Projection, accusing you of what they are doing
  • Dishonesty, stealing, cheating etc
  • Collecting official letterheads to create fake documents for court hearings
  • Self employed providing fake account’s for court hearings
  • Changing court hearings, using delaying tactics
  • Totally ignoring court orders for access to your children
  • Falsifying documents for courts and to flout in front of friends and family
  • Using other people to carry out criminal damage to your property
  • Non payment of child maintenance
  • Non payment of Tax, VAT and National Insurance
  • Claiming benefits illegally – benefit fraud
  • Claiming benefits whilst still working
  • Financial abuse, building up arrears on mortgage and other bills and debts.
  • Taking your personal possessions and giving them away
  • Hiding the children’s things and accusing you of stealing
  • Damaging items and accusing you.
  • Stealing your household items furniture, clothing etc.
  • Withholding your car keys, passports and other personal documents
  • Criminal damage to personal property, car, house and garden
  • Graffiti on your car and property
  • Making fake statements, complaints, phone calls to your place of work, the police, social services etc.
  • Internet bullying online abuse through fake social media profiles
  • Setting up fake FB accounts in your name
  • Using your name fraudulently to claim benefits
  • Distributing pornographic material and saying its photos of you!
  • Sending family and friends funeral wreaths, pornographic material and any other offensive material.
  • Telling schools, the police, social services and other officials that you have a mental illness.
  • Destroying all family photographs
  • Destroying any gifts, cards or presents you send
  • Destroying official papers, birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licence etc
  • Removing gift tags and claiming any gifts or presents you send as their own
  • Befriending all your friends, especially of the opposite sex, flattering them, then claim you never liked them.
  • Paying bribing friends to go to court and give fake evidence about you
  • Using blackmail to try and extort money from you
  • Trying to turn all your family against you
  • Making covert contact with long lost relatives and spreading falsehoods about you.
  • Laughing and mocking in from of the children when someone from your side of the family passes away.
  • Trying to get parents to change their wills in their favour
  • Falling out with their own family over wills.
  • Running up debts and committing fraud in your name
  • Threatening you with a weapon
  • Putting drugs and poison into your food and drinks
  • Cruelty to your pets
  • Last but not least brainwashing your children to believe you don’t love them.


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