What is KARMA

kARMA is when someone repeatedly cheats on someone until eventually their partner walks away from the relationship forever. Then years later they witness their adult child repeating their own same behaviour destroying their own relationship in the the very same way!

KARMA is when someone abuses friends and family and try’s to use a partners friend to get revenge, then the exact same situation comes back to haunt them and they witness the same thing happening to their grown up child!

KARMA is when someone leaves their partner in financial debt, refuses to pay child maintenance and takes every possession from their long term partner and feels no guilt or remorse. Then one day in the future they see the very same thing happening to their own child and suddenly realise that they were wrong!

KARMA is when someone spends a whole life time pressing their own self destruct button because they wrecked their own life and marriage and are full of regret. Then they embark on a path of hate, greed and vengefulness that eats them away so badly they are left isolated and alone.

THIS IS HOW KARMA WORKS MY FRIEND – not always obvious, but many times you may have to witness KARMA through the ones you love to feel the pain and realise your mistakes in life.

And may GOD help you if you have made many, and refuse to accept the damage you are doing, because you will continue to live a lifetime of KARMA!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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