Below is the Index and brief description of each of the attributes listed. Click the headings for a more detailed description, examples, how it feels and what to do. This article is intended to be used as reference, so for ease of use, at the end of each section I have added a “Back to index” link, click that to be brought back to the index.

#1 Splitting – Immoderate Judgement, no middle ground, or Binary thinking.
#2 Sleep Deprivation – When a person deliberately deprives you of sleep or interrupts your sleep patterns.
#3 Situational Ethics – All ethics are situation dependent, but I have a look at adaptive and maladaptive applications.
#4 The Silent Treatment – The passive-aggressive means of punishment.
#5 Shame & Shaming – Shaming of who you are, your identity or some attribute of your identity.
#6 Sexual Objectification – Seeing somebody as a sexual object.

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