Metaphor of a Narcissist

Beware the behaviours of a Narcissist!

They can reel you in like a fisherman fighting with a fish on the end of a line. They will yank and pull giving you a little line now and again, then speedily wind you in as you begin to tire. When you are finally exhausted they will wind you in onto the bank.

You gasp in relief that the fight has finally stopped, then as you wait for the hook to be removed so you can finally return to the water NO!

The hook is removed and you are discarded on the bank.

You wait to be put out of your misery in the hope that you will just be bludgeoned to death so it finally over.

That would be too easy and not very satisfying for the Narcissist, so they just leave you lying there on the bank of the river to die, they never look back, they don’t feel sorry, they just walk away until next time.

Then they move onto the next one looking for the Narcissistic supply.

Photo by Elina Krima on

Linda – Always by your side

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