2020 – A Never Ending Journey

Well what a year it has been!!

Apologies if I have been somewhat quiet over the past few weeks and my posts have been sparse.

It all began in January. As many of you already know if you have been following my blog for the past 7 years I am an alienated parent since 1991 when I divorced.

My ex has waged a bitter campaign severing every relationship between my children, grandchildren, friends, family, in laws, outlaws you name it, he’s tried it! He succeeded with some mainly my two children and grandchildren and failed with others.

29 Years and it still goes on. Denied phone calls, visits or any communication with my children up until the age of 18 when I had some contact with my daughter, on and off over the years.

Went to visit my daughter in the UK January to help her get back on her feet after her attempt at a new life in Spain failed miserably. Paid for her horses and dog to be returned. Day one – woke in the morning to find my hire car parked outside her house, so badly damaged it had to be towed away and replaced. No 1 suspect?

February – Back in the clutches of her Toxic father our relationship deteriorated and she ran up debts in my name to the tune of 500 pounds.

March – My grandson 15 years old being a highly intelligent boy has worked it out for himself and can now see what has been happening throughout the years. Eventually most grown up children do, its whether or not they decide to act upon it that shows their true character.

April – discovered I have been suffering from C-PTSD for the past 29 years after all the emotional abuse, fighting in court and being at the receiving end of the ongoing covert campaign to try and destroy me. Mainly through social media, fake FB profiles and trolling.

May- finally qualified after months and months of study NLP Practitioner, Qualified Hypnotherapist, CBT Therapist, half way through Online Psychology Degree.

June – September – had an amazing week with my grandson on holiday in Brockenhurst where the police turned up after my daughter accused me of trying to kidnap him!!!!

Oct – Nov – subjected to ongoing viscous online attacks trying to sabotage my business. Started a 10 week healing course for C-PTSD – Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Dec – The biggest loss of all. Sadly lost my brother to COVID 2 days ago.

So as you can see an emotional roller coaster ending on a very sad note. But despite all this my business is growing and flourishing and I have many amazing clients. My healing journey, combined with 29 years of first hand experience has enabled me to serve my clients well, and I will continue to study next year so I can offer even more.

My brother was the very best I could have ever wished for, and was always there for me throughout my ordeal. I will end the year celebrating his life and my own birthday on 25th December, that is what he would have wanted.

So never forget, whatever life throws at you and however bad it gets – Live your Life with Grace and Dignity . I am no longer an alienated parent, I just choose to be me.

Life is a game, play it; 

Life is a challenge, Meet it; 

Life is an opportunity, Capture it.

To all my friends, family and clients

Wrap yourself in love and positivity this holiday season.

Linda – Always By Your Side

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