Narcissistic Bloodlines

It is known that malignant narcissism generally breeds more malignant narcissism, therefore the trait is abundant within narcissistic families who have been brought up believing the ideology and abuse to be a normal thing. The fact that the part of the brain dealing with empathy and conscience is inactive does not necessarily indicate that the disorder must be genetic.

It has already been scientifically proven that not utilizing certain parts of the brain causes them to die off and become inactive anyway. This inactivity is most likely ultimately the result of the taught ideology within such families.

Narcissists and sociopaths are usually highly charismatic and very genuine-seeming people, yet they will walk over everybody in the background, behind the scenes, outside of their awareness, outside of their perception. Many narcissists and sociopaths are highly successful because of their traits and it’s inevitable that such people will end up sucking and leeching on each other whilst attempting to manipulate and fool each other in the process, whilst simultaneously using each other to springboard their way to the top during the course of their invisible battle.

This is why so many narcissists and sociopaths are at the top of the pyramid in secret societies and the corporate sector.

They are ruthless.


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