EMDR Therapy Available from 2021

Many of us struggle with stress, anxiety or depression. Some of us may be dealing with
trauma and have undergone a range of therapies in an attempt to shift the symptoms
that accompany our memories of what happened.

Others may not be aware of what’s driving our discomfort; we may simply feel a general
malaise and be completely mystified as to why we’re not happy and grateful as so many
other people appear to be.

And some of us are simply conscious that maintaining emotional balance within our lives
involves daily work. And whether we feel good or bad, fatigued or energised, our lives
are an ongoing healing process.

Each of the above is a perfect reason to reach out to Eye Movement Desensitisation and
Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Why? Because the wonder of this therapy is that it suits
an array of people with different states of mind. And better yet, once you follow through
on the process, it isn’t complicated.

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