Sadistic Personality Disorder | SpringerLink

Sadistic personality disorder (SDP) is characterized by an individual’s pattern of cruel, harsh, aggressive, intimidating, humiliating, and demeaning behavior. The disorder has been the subject of several studies and originally appeared in the DSM-III-R (American Psychiatric Association 1987). The disorder was included because of an effort to distinguish it from antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) or psychopathy since the constellation of traits descriptive of an individual with sadistic behavior patterns was not sufficiently explained by existing disorders (Chabrol et al. 2009). The belief that the different constellations would be useful in diagnosing individuals is what led the diagnosis to appear in the appendix of the DSM-III-R, under a section entitled, “Proposed Diagnostic Categories Requiring Further Study.” There was considerable support for including the diagnosis. A survey of forensic psychiatrists had revealed, for example, that 50% of them had, at some time, evaluated…,(American%20Psychiatric%20Association%201987).

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