Lack of Self Worth

  • You have problems loving and accepting yourself the way you are.
  • You criticise and judge yourself regularly.
  • You expect perfection from yourself at all times.
  • You wish you could look like or be like someone else.
  • You struggle with social interactions and often feel overlooked and ignored in conversations.
  • You exaggerate to appear more interesting when talking to others.
  • You are easily embarrassed in conversations because you don’t feel important or intelligent enough to contribute something useful.
  • You feel ashamed of yourself.
  • You feel uncomfortable with too much attention.
  • You are unsure how to react to praise.
  • You are prone to stomach and bowel upsets, especially when you feel anxious.
  • You struggle financially because, deep down, you feel you don’t deserve an abundant, worry-free life.
  • You feel awkward asking for what you deserve or charging appropriately for your services.
  • You tend to sabotage yourself because you subconsciously believe you do not deserve happiness.
  • You think that happiness, wealth or love are not meant for “people like you”.
  • You buy things you don’t need and your home is filled with clutter.
  • You frequently demonstrate your superiority to overcompensate for feeling inferior.
  • You disrespect other people because you have no respect for yourself.
  • You can be aggressive or abusive towards other people because you believe your own life to be worthless and assume everybody else’s is too.

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