Dark Triad, misconduct, and high-stakes deception

The Dark Triad(Paulhus & Williams2002) is a cluster of three related yet distinct personality traits: sub-clinical psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism. Psychopathyis defined by behaviors such as impulsivity, callous indifference, and low empathy (Hare, 1985). Narcissism is characterized by feelings of grandiosity, vanity and a sense of entitlement (Raskin & Hall 1979). Lastly, Machiavellianism is epitomized by emotional coldness and manipulativeness (Christie & Geis,1970). Given the socially malevolent tendencies that characterize the Dark Triad traits,there is,understandably,an interest in their behavioral implications. Specifically, it seems salient to determine whether these dark variables are associated with equally dark actions, and particularly whether they are predictive of enacted misconduct and a tendency to engage in high-stakes deception.


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