Why do parents make false accusations in custody?

Quote: “This is about power,
manipulation and control by a selfish often mentally unwell parent who hates their ex
more than they love their own child. The mourning for the child and parent is a (sic)
ongoing till the day the child is old enough to break free to love that parent. Sometimes
the damage is irreversible where the child cannot bond because they have lived a life of
conflicted thoughts and suppression.

Fact: Alienation occurs in around 10% of its private law caseload, involving around
6,000 children a year. A. Douglas, Cafcass chief executive
“When contact is re-established between the parent and the child, the damage is
already done. Especially if the accusing parent has utilized alienating tactics, bringing
the child into adult situations, planting false memories, or instilling fear toward the
accused parent into the child.” The Fathers Right’s Movement.

The reason parents file false allegations in custody cases is for the simple reason; they
work. False allegations are made because one party possesses the deceptive belief this
will give the accusing parent the upper hand based on the premise the accusations
permanently damage the accused parent on an immediate and long-term basis.

One rationale why lying is rampant in family court is because differentiating a lie from
the truth is difficult. In a custody battle, both parents may exchange mutual accusations about the other parent. “Anger, bitterness and need to destroy the other becomes paramount.”

There is rarely, if any, penalty to the accuser while the accused is unwillingly pushed
into an oppressive life of nightmarish qualities. The Kafkaesque inspired existence is
where the accused will struggle against their will using all assets, reserves and supplies
within reach; however, the truth is that the accused does not stand a chance, continues fighting and full of hope even within the air of bleakness.

Taken from the NAAP Report

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